Friday, 25 April 2008

CHI & Partners - Big on ideas

A rare view of how a commercial is made and produced along with all the other jobs that come along with it for instant possibly one of the most expensive and unusual orders Argos has ever seen! An example of an idea taken from the initial stages and well executed into a simple yet visually fascinating advert.

Behind the scene: Making of Big Yellow 'Tide'

Finished Advert

CHI & Partners are big on ideas, with adverts such as the Barrett Homes 'brick' being one of my personal favorites. The tone of voice, simple idea and curiosity in this advert seem to be pitched perfectly leaving you (well certainly me) with a warm feeling inside and a small grin on your face.

Giving the over all impress that Barrett Homes offer a friendly, personal and unique approach to buying a home setting them apart from other companies on the market. Personally this is the only advert for a housing company that has stood out to me.

see (work - barrett homes) for a higher quality version