Sunday, 18 November 2007

Online Questionnaire Creator - great resource!

If you have time please could you visit the link below (you may have to copy and paste it) to fill in my online questionnaire about the 2012 Olympic games coming to London.

After you have finished the survey it will give you a link so you can set up your own questionnaires.

This is a great and easy to use resource that costs nothing and also analysis and records all your results! The program gives you a choice of how to set up the questions .... but to see how it works you'll have to fill in my questionnaire! Crafty - eh!


Saturday, 10 November 2007

New Guiness Ad

This reminds me of the domino rally created in my 'Type Moves' post. Yet another great advert from Guiness.

Friday, 9 November 2007

Honda Puyo - Will the next pet you buy be a car?

The Honda Puyo was shown at this years Tokyo's Motor Show - with the ability to turn 360 degrees, all the green mods and cons available (with electric motors and a hydrogen fuel cell) and a glass domed roof, what else can you expect from a city car of the future?

Well .... a personality of course with a tactile skin made out of a soft gel composite and changing moods shown by a muti-coloured glowing exterior. Honda describes the features as “facilitating a more intimate relationship between people and their cars”.

Sounds like a fun concept but I'm not to sure on Hondas ideas about the car inviting people to hug its cold looking, cube like exterior ... personally i prefer something a little more cuddly.

Mac Bug! - we're no longer safe!

It seems according to BBC news that us Mac users after years of bliss are about to be greatly upset as a new virus has been designed especially for us!

Heres the key bits of what their saying:

'It's a Trojan Horse, a piece of code that pretends to do one thing but actually compromises your computer.

This one spreads through online video sites, taking advantage of the fact that there are many different ways to display video, each requiring slightly different software to encode and decode moving images.
The Trojan sits behind an online video and when you try to play it you get a message from Quicktime telling you to get a new codec, and if you follow the link you'll be sent to a site that hosts the malicious software.

Click "ok" and enter your systems adminstrator's password and it will be installed on your computer with full system access after which you are, to use the jargon, "pwned", or scuppered.

At the moment the fake codec is being spread via porn sites, but it will quickly spread to more mainstream sites, and that's when it will get dangerous and could affect a lot of Mac users who believe that they don't need to worry about system security.

Of course this Trojan relies on social engineering to spread, and it does not mark a breakdown in Mac OS security or anything like that'

Full article available at:

ARGOS Viral Advertising

Example of Viral Advertising.

More often than not advertising and marketing campaigns need a more exciting and interactive take (that traditional methods lack) allowing the audience to become part of the advertising. New and inventive methods of design draw prospective customers in, normally with a chance to 'win', be entertained briefly by an activity or simple be humored through a communication source. This idea of receiving something for nothing is key and viral campaigns normally work across the Internet, if the tone of voice is right the adverts become really successful as one user feels compelled to pass it on to another.

The screenshots below show how Argos use an interactive website which people are intrigued to visits after seeing the teaser video. A fun and lively campaign that would appeal to most ages with its 1940's humor.

Dove advertisement

Loving the new Dove moving image piece as part of their campaign for real beauty. Dove have produced over the recent years a great set of advertising campaigns focusing on making the best of what god gives you. To me i find this extremely refreshing and believe that its a well needed step in the right direction, as so many women strive to meet the almost impossible and unhealthy 'size 0' image of perfection.

Check out the piss take below though - i think i like this one even more ... very funny!

Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Lego Videos


These made me giggle seen a couple of spoof videos made from Lego. There is something slightly special about those colourful creative bricks! MAGIC

Sunday, 4 November 2007

Smiling Snow Car

My happy car in the snow!

Saturday, 3 November 2007

My House Guests

Not to original i know - but with a house full of students coming and going we have become very fond of our 'retro' fridge magnet communication system. All fun and games especially whilst drunk!

I love this one though so much i took a photo! A list of all the regulars that live or visit our household, from boyfriends, hamsters, dead fish and even the fox we called Jeff! Unfortunately we ran out of 'e's so had to improvise!

Pantone Matching

A collection of photographs ranging from Sponge Bobs strange squidy friend to Post It Notes to an apple all tagged with the Pantone colour that matches its surface.

I really like this collection of photographs bringing a bit of design geekage to every day life. Made me smile!

Type Moves

Proof that typography can be exciting and dynamic without being tied down to traditional boundaries. This collective of people put together physical typography that lasts for only a moment in time and becomes part of the environment.

They use inventive methods and physical objects to create their temporary typography pieces.

The above images show the World record: biggest type-domino ever

'The aim was to make a type domino which is saying 'type moves' ... At the end of this one day workshop all 'stoppers' (gaps in the domino row) were removed very very carefully and all individual 'type moves' were connected to create one, very long type-domino. Actually the biggest type domino ever done, build out of more then 13.000 single hand cut domino stones.
And finally at 18.00 o'clock it was time to let it run.'

See the video here: