Thursday, 25 October 2007

Jugar - flexi eco desk top men

'Vacavaliente's new line of accessories, called Jugar (Spanish for 'Play'). These little men are not only made from 100% recycled (bonded) leather but, as their name says, are such an adorable excuse to stop, take a moment and play.

In fact, this was the idea that gave birth to them. "This is not only about design or green, it's about giving the time to play and relax the value it deserves", says Matias Fernandez Moore, a designer for Vacavaliente. "These shapes have the quality to invite you to do that: maybe you have it in your pen, you change its place and find the guy is doing a new pose. All of the sudden, you're hang and playing with it", he adds. Nothing more true: all of those holes just make you want to try things.

They come in a few colors and sizes, from small pencil or book accessories to big friends to hang in your kids' room or a bunch of them to make your own soccer ball.'

Full article available from:

A cool website i found whilst trying to do uni work ....

Some really interesting and fun 'green' products and design ideas. I particularly like these flexible men which would certainly add more humor and fun when placed next to a standard desk tidy and your hb pencils!

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