Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Ambush Marketing

The demise of Coubertin’s peaceful and good spirited Olympic Ideals.

Nike create a mocking advertising campaign that highlights all the negative connotations with Americanization.

'Their theme: only winning matters. ‘You do not win silver you lose gold’ trumpeted the Nike ads. The win at all costs message was a clear attempt to upstage Reebok, the official Olympic sponsor’ (PAYNE, 2005 p.138) Nike managed to offend not only Reebok but also all the other Olympic TOP sponsors, the IOC, the athletes that were taking part, the general public and the visiting spectators. All of which were targeted one way or another through their hard-hitting, sarcastic and disrespectful campaign even undermining the Olympic motto, which was modified to ‘Faster, Higher, Stronger, Badder’ (PAYNE. 2005 p.138).

In the advert above they poke fun at the millions of Olympic spectators that enjoy collecting the pins and badges traditionally produced by the host city. Examples of this campaign which was run during the Atlanta 1996 Olympics seem near impossible to find ...... i wonder why!?

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