Friday, 9 November 2007

Mac Bug! - we're no longer safe!

It seems according to BBC news that us Mac users after years of bliss are about to be greatly upset as a new virus has been designed especially for us!

Heres the key bits of what their saying:

'It's a Trojan Horse, a piece of code that pretends to do one thing but actually compromises your computer.

This one spreads through online video sites, taking advantage of the fact that there are many different ways to display video, each requiring slightly different software to encode and decode moving images.
The Trojan sits behind an online video and when you try to play it you get a message from Quicktime telling you to get a new codec, and if you follow the link you'll be sent to a site that hosts the malicious software.

Click "ok" and enter your systems adminstrator's password and it will be installed on your computer with full system access after which you are, to use the jargon, "pwned", or scuppered.

At the moment the fake codec is being spread via porn sites, but it will quickly spread to more mainstream sites, and that's when it will get dangerous and could affect a lot of Mac users who believe that they don't need to worry about system security.

Of course this Trojan relies on social engineering to spread, and it does not mark a breakdown in Mac OS security or anything like that'

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