Friday, 19 September 2008

Two weeks in the colourful world of Grey

Working within advertising is something that has always interested me and I recently just finished two weeks work experience at Grey London. I had the pleasure to work with the type and design team and even experience the free bar.

Grey is located in Farringdon and has an impressive glass front to the building where they alternate displays of their recent campaigns. The office is split on different levels where departments are intermingled relating to their 'open process' of working.

During my two weeks I was working on two live projects which involved coming up with some graphics to represent Grey along with branding and renaming a charity. It was great to see how the different departments pull together and how the structure of the company works.

I had a enjoyable and productive two weeks and got to work with some great designers and creative enthusiastic people. Thank you to every one that helped me throughout the two weeks and that I bugged with a million questions.

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